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Ulla’s Odyssey review

As we come into our final day in our Coventry residency we have received a nice review which you can see here. Nice for baddie Sylla to be recognised as properly scary!

Ulla’s Odyssey in Coventry

Ulla's Odyssey in Coventry

Just arrived at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, for our next performance of Ulla’s Odyssey. Gorgeous acoustic in here, looking forward to a packed house, too!

Violet Culbo R&D

Day two of Violet Culbo Research and Development. I’m currently writing a short essay about the basis for my composition for Violet. Please visit the website for Pi Artworks gallery to find out more!


Violet Culbo in central London gallery

Violet Culbo in central London gallery

I can proudly announce that I am collaborating with esteemed artist Michelle Williams Gamaker in her upcoming exhibition at Pi Artworks gallery in central London. I will be voicing the character of Violet Culbo, the centrepiece to her installation as part of The World Made New exhibit, 14 April until 20 May.  Today we finally [&hellip